160,000 IOPs and 525MB/s Enterprise Flash Disks launched by Pliant Technologies

Pliant Technologies announced yesterday in a press release the availability of their new Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD) family that includes the Lightning LB and Lightning LS models.

They are designed around the standard 2.5-inch (LB) and 3.5-inch (LS) form factors to integrate seamlessly into existing Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) enterprise storage and server systems.







Most important features of the new drives:

1. Highest sustained performance: Input/Output Per Second (IOPs) of 160,000 (LS) and 120,000 (LB)
2. Predictable performance profile across enterprise workloads, with read/write mix varying from 90 percent/10 percent to 60 percent/40 percent
3. Data throughput (read/write): >525/340 MB/sec (LS) and >420/220 MB/sec (LB)
4. User capacities: LS (3.5-inch) = 300GB and 150GB; LB (2.5-inch) = 150 GB
5. Full duplex, fully independent, dual-port SAS interface for high performance and data reliability

The new drives will be available via authorized channel partners during this month.

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