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Everyday Products Design

What do golf clubs, formula one cars and coffee containers have in common? The are all designed using state of the art High Performance Computing systems. Read a very interesting article at

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10 petaflops supercomputer for Japan

Fujitsu started building one supercomputer that in 2012 will most likely become the star of the Top500 List. The new supercomputer will serve  Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the project was initialized in 2006 but met some … Continue reading

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HPC on Windows 7

The new version of Windows HPC Server supports using Windows 7 as a compute node in the HPC cluster. The workstations running Windows 7 can be included in the cluster thanks to the new feature called Desktop Compute Cloud (DCC). … Continue reading

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Melanox advanced connectivity cards for Dell blades

40Gb/s InfiniBand and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity On a Single Adapter Card Provides IT Administrators with Critical Bandwidth, Ease-of-Use and Flexibility. Melanox announced last week that its ConnectX®-2 I/O mezzanine adapter card with Virtual Protocol Interconnect® (VPI) technology and PhyX® … Continue reading

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