Itailian firm E4 Computer launches ARM clusters with GPU options

E4 Computer has partnered with SECO, the Italian firm that makes embedded x86 and ARM boards for various uses, to bring out baby ARM clusters with GPU options.

The clusters come in two flavors: Carma Microcluster and Carma Cluster.

Carma Clusters

Carma Microcluster is an 5U 8 blade solution, that can be mounted in a rack or used as a tower. Each blade accomodates one quad core A9 CPU and one nVidia Quadro 1000M GPU with Cuda 96 cores. Peak performance for the setup is 2160 single precision GFlops for only 520W.

Carma Cluster is a 12 blade rack solution, with two blade options: Carma and Darma. The Carma blade is configured with 2 quad core A9 ARM CPUs and 2 nVidia Quadro 1000M GPUs and the Darma blade has 4 A9 ARM CPUs. With the mixed solution (12 CPU and GPU blades) the peak performance reaches 6480 single precision GFlops for 1500W of power. Using only ARM CPUs, a solution recommended for applications that don;t require a high Gflops number, the maximum power usage is about 400W.

Carma Applications

Learn more on the E4 Computer website and product page.

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