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Million-core simulation

Researchers at the Center for Turbulence Research set a new record in supercomputing, harnessing a million computing cores to model supersonic jet noise. Work was performed on the newly installed Sequoia IBM Bluegene/Q system at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, number … Continue reading

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Fusion-io launches ioScale solution for hyperscale and cloud applications

On 16th of January Fusion-io announced a new line of PCIe flash products targeted at hyperscale and cloud applications, scaling with 100s and 1000s of servers. The ioScale comes in capacities from 410GB, doubling through 825GB, 1.65TB on to 3.2TB … Continue reading

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Open Compute 2013 – Silicon photonics, SOCs and new Facebook server design

Last week, during the Open Compute Summit, the new tehnologies that the group members are developing were presented: Silicon photonics: Intel is contributing designs for its forthcoming silicon photonics technology, which will enable 100 Gbps interconnects — enough bandwidth to … Continue reading

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Marvell launched DragonFly NVDRIVE PCIe SSD caching solution

On 3rd of january Marvel announced NVDRIVE, the third member of the DragonFly family of products wich already includes NVCACHE and NVRAM. The DragonFly products are targeted for large-scale Internet and cloud computing data centers supporting a large number of … Continue reading

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