Open Compute 2013 – Silicon photonics, SOCs and new Facebook server design

Open compute project logoLast week, during the Open Compute Summit, the new tehnologies that the group members are developing were presented:

  • Silicon photonics: Intel is contributing designs for its forthcoming silicon photonics technology, which will enable 100 Gbps interconnects — enough bandwidth to serve multiple processor generations. This technology also has such low latency that we can take components that previously needed to be bound to the same motherboard and begin to spread them out within a rack.
  • “Group Hug” board: Facebook is contributing a new common slot architecture specification for motherboards. This specification — which we’ve nicknamed “Group Hug” — can be used to produce boards that are completely vendor-neutral and will last through multiple processor generations. The specification uses a simple PCIe x8 connector to link the SOCs to the board.
  • New SOCs: AMD, Applied Micro, Calxeda, and Intel have all announced support for the Group Hug board, and Applied Micro and Intel have already built mechanical demos of their new designs.

Also, Facebook presented a couple of server designs that is planning to use in the future and donate to the Open Compute Project cause.

Read the article on the OCP site at and a couple of articles on The Register site Facebook friends bash servers, storage, and racks into bits and Facebook rolls out new web and database server designs.

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