QLogic SAN access cache HBA

QLogic-logoThe QLogic 10000 Series FabricCache Adapter is a PCIe-based Fibre Channel Adapter that caches SAN data on a PCIe flash card to accelerate application access to critical, frequently accessed ‘hot’ data. The 10000 Series Adapter offloads all caching to adapter hardware, which accelerates I/O and provides shared caching for clustered, virtualized, and distributed workloads across the data center. The 10000 Series also enables simple deployment by means of a single driver and management model that reduces software stack complexity.


The dual port 8Gbit/s Fibre Channel FabricCache QLE10000 adapter comes bundled with an SLC PCIe flash card. It is a 2-card product that’s available in two versions: with 200GB and 400GB flash cache. Both logically appear as a single standard HBA.

In performance testing an Oracle RAC system was accelerated with: – 87 per cent reduction in demand of array (disk IOPs) – 57 per cent reduction in average transaction response – 82 per cent cut in peak transaction response   UK-based hoster Carrenza found that, with Microsoft SQL 2008 running on a VM, the non-cache performance was ~120MB/sec while the cache performance was ~350MB/sec.

Read the original article at The Register, product page and the data sheet.

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