VMware launched its public cloud service

vcloud-serviceOn Tuesday, VMware unveiled its vCloud Hybrid Service, which is a “public cloud” service that lets customers rent servers and storage over the Internet.

The service is aimed at companies that already have an infrastructure based on VMware’s hypervisor and ca integrate seameless using dedicated products such as vCloud Director.

The pricing model is based on two scenarios, dedicated and virtual private cloud:

  • dedicated capacity, priced at 13 cents per hour for one core and 1 GB of memory
  • shared capacity, priced at 4,5 cents per hour for one core and 1 GB of memory


Typical use cases for the new service include:

  • Application Hosting: Offload the hosting of standard packaged applications to a cloud service
  • Web Hosting / e-Commerce: distribute web and e-commerce applications geographically across datacenters to decrease latency and improve the end-user experience
  • Backup / Archiving / Storage: utilize a low-cost remote storage facility over a fully synchronized active/active site, to be leveraged in the event of service disruption
  • Enterprise IT / Outsourced Data Center: outsource data center functionality to a public cloud provider and transition from a model of CapEx spend to OpEx spend for IT services
  • Test / QA / Development: satisfy developers’ need for an agile, dynamic environment to test and develop software applications

Read the datasheet  and two articles on vCloud Hybrid Service at The Register and Business Insider.

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