Xen Project 4.3 launched with ARM server support

xen-logoThe Xen Project has updated Xen on 9th of July with a new 4.3 release that brings as a Technology Preview support for ARM processors.

Working with ARM server hardware vendors including Calxeda, the Xen Project community has validated the Xen ARM port on ARMv7 and ARMv8 platforms.

Other enhancements brought by the new version:

  • NUMA scheduler affinity has led to significant performance improvements on NUMA hardware.
  • Scalability improvements increased support for physical RAM on hosts from 5TB to 16TB of RAM. A tool stack bottleneck limitation to 300 virtual CPUs was removed and Xen Project has already been tested on up to 750 virtual CPUs.
  • Virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) subsystem has been extended to enable guest operating systems to more easily interact with it.
  • Xen Project now works with upstream QEMU making it easier for Linux distros to consume Xen Project and includes support for PCI pass-thru. tool stack includes usability improvements and a new Technology Preview of Open vSwitch integration.
  • Power efficiency: The cpuidle infrastructure now uses the MWAIT extension for all the processors that support it

Read the Press realease and an article on The Register.

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