IBM’s Platform Symphony Grids gives direct access to Xeon Phi Coprocessors

xeo-phi-logoThe IBM® Platform Symphony™ Co-Processor Harvesting add-on technology allows now to include the Intel Xeon™ Phi co-processor as a resource in the Platform Symphony cluster application logic. This gives more cost-effective access to CPU compute power for certain types of applications like .

Because the Xeon Phi card is a parallel X86 chip, it can boot up its own Linux kernel and it can be given its own IP address on the network of gridded machines managed by Symphony. Even though a Xeon Phi is physically located inside of a specific server node in a cluster, it can be exposed directly to Symphony, which can dispatch code right to that Xeon Phi card.

To use Xeon Phi coprocessors, customers have to upgrade to Symphony 6.1.1, which starts shipping on October 25. GPU coprocessors have been supported since the Symphony 5.2 release, which came out in June 2012. But GPUs are supported in what is called offload mode, which is not as good, from the Symphony perspective, as the native mode available in the Xeon Phi coprocessors.

Read an article at

Visit IBM Symphony page and read the Press Release.

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