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New Amazon I2 Instance Type Available

The I2 instance type was designed to host I/O intensive workloads typically generated by relational databases, NoSQL databases, and transactional systems. The largest I2 instance type can deliver over 365K random reads per second and over 315K random writes per … Continue reading

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Facebook porting its PHP engine to ARM

A post by Facebook on the Hip Hop Virtual Machine blog on Thursday indicated that the team is implementing ARM processor support in its translation engine. This will turn Facebook’s PHP code into 64-bit x86 instructions to execute on compute … Continue reading

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Google Compute Engine launched

Google has launched its IaaS offering, Compute Engine, bringing it into combat with the likes of AWS, Rackspace and VMware. The announced was made in a blog post on Monday. The VMs can run any out-of-the-box Linux distribution (including SELinux … Continue reading

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