Google Compute Engine launched

google-cloud-engineGoogle has launched its IaaS offering, Compute Engine, bringing it into combat with the likes of AWS, Rackspace and VMware.

The announced was made in a blog post on Monday.

The VMs can run any out-of-the-box Linux distribution (including SELinux and CoreOS) as well as any kernel or software, including Docker, FOG, xfs and aufs. Also there is official support for SUSE and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (in Limited Preview) and FreeBSD.

Transparent maintenance combines software and data center innovations with live migration technology to perform proactive maintenance while the virtual machines keep running. AEveryone will benefit of regular updates and proactive maintenance without the downtime and reboots typically required. Furthermore, in the event of a failure, the VMs will be automatically restarted and get them back online in minutes. The service in already rolled out this feature in the US zones, with others to follow in the coming months.

Developers have asked for instances with even greater computational power and memory for applications that range from silicon simulation to running high-scale NoSQL databases. To serve their needs, Google launched three new instance types in Limited Preview with up to 16 cores and 104 gigabytes of RAM. They are available in the familiar standard, high-memory and high-CPU shapes.

The price for storage was lowered with 60% and the fees for I/O operatios were dropped. This was also announced in a blog post in the same day.

Read more about the offering on the Google Compute Engine website.

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