Microsoft joins Open Compute Project

microsoft-logoMicrosoft announced on Tuesday it will be joining the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) and will be contributing hardware specifications, design collateral (CAD and Gerber files), and system management source code for Microsoft’s cloud server designs. These specifications apply to the server fleet being deployed for Microsoft’s largest global cloud services, including Windows Azure, Bing, and Office 365.

Microsoft manages a global portfolio of datacenters across all continents, has an installed base of over one million servers, and delivers more than 200 services for 1+ billion customers and 20+ million businesses in 90+ markets. Deploying and operating a huge cloud-scale infrastructure requires careful attention to several system design principles:

  • Simplicity of the design
  • Efficiency gains across cost, power, and performance
  • Modular system design provides flexibility to accommodate hardware changes necessary for evolving workload requirements
  • Supply chain agility
  • Ease of operations Environmental sustainability


Read the announcement and details about the Chasis and Server design.

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