Pluribus Networks lauches server-switch product line

pluribus-networks-logoPluribus Networks announced this week the availability of its network hypervisor software, Netvisor® 2.0, and the Pluribus Freedom Server-Switch product line.

The Pluribus Freedom architecture presents a combination of compute, network, storage and bare-metal hypervisor OS technologies, and has been designed to bring network and services much closer to the applications. The Freedom architecture enables:

  • A new class of network-aware, mission-critical enterprise applications and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) services, leveraging compute, network and storage integration
  • An open architecture to drive radical consolidation and simplification of the datacenter infrastructure
  • Complete unification of the DevOps/NetOps management model to drive ultimate network simplification and ease of management

At the heart of the Freedom platform is the Netvisor OS, the industry’s first and only distributed network operating systems with hypervisor bare-metal virtualization capabilities of computing resources – CPU, memory, and storage – and merchant silicon switch chips. Unleashing the full power of the Netvisor OS is the novel Freedom Server-Switch architecture, which includes a powerful server platform combined with a high-density 10/40 GbE merchant silicon switch and network processor.


In the Freedom architecture, the network switch becomes an extension of the server. Merchant silicon chips are fully integrated into the operating system, controlled and virtualized like a NIC, and used as an offload/hardware acceleration engine for application flows and network functions. The network switch is managed by a server-class control plane through multi 10Gbps high-speed connections, unleashing a new class of services and functions to run directly “inside” the network; examples include the ability to run scalable monitoring and analytics for “physical” and “virtual” (tunneled) flows, free of taps and external monitoring gear.


The Freedom platform brings full bare-metal control and visibility into the network through powerful, Unix-style API to deliver true inNetwork™ Application Programmability, inNetwork™ virtualization, inNetwork™ analytics and inNetwork™ automation. This can simplify the infrastructure by eliminating:

  • Separate monitoring networks
  • Separate SANs
  • Separate overlays-underlays
  • Separate external controllers
  • L4-L7 appliance sprawl
  • Separate servers for services and orchestration (PXE, DHCP, DNS, OpenStack controllers, Argus, Wireshark, and more)

The Netvisor 2.0 OS is available now in three configurations:

  • Enterprise L2/L3 Switching (IPS-NVOS2.0)
  • Advanced Cluster-Automation (SDF-NVOS2.0)
  • Advanced Virtualization Services (ASDF-NVOS2.0)

The Freedom Server-Switch Series includes the following three SKUs:

  • Freedom F64-L: Server-Switch (2U) with dual Xeon E5-class CPU, 64GB RAM, 240G SSD, Network Processor (NPU), 48x10G/1G ports + 4x40G ports and 40G of total CPU-switch bandwidth
  • Freedom F64-M: Server-Switch (2U) with single Xeon E5-class CPU, 32GB RAM, 240G SSD, 48x10G/1G ports + 4x40G ports and 40G of total CPU-switch bandwidth
  • Freedom E68-M: Server-Switch (1U) Switch with Single Xeon-E3-class CPU, 16GB RAM, 240G SSD, 44x10G SFP+ 6x40G QSFP, and 4G of total CPU-switch bandwidth

For a limited period of 6 months, two bundles are offered at a discount of 40%.

Read the Press Release, Netvisor OS specs and Freedom Server-Switch Line specs.

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