Dell announces Z9500 fabric switch and SDN controller

dell-logoDell announced this week the Z9500 Ethernet fabric switch wich is a Layer 2/3 switch designed to address 10G/40G aggregation in data centers and enterprise LAN cores. It is based on Broadcom’s Trident II chipset, takes up 3 RUs, and features 10Tbps of throughput. Port densities are 528 for 10G and 132 for 40G.

The Z9500 features licensing for incremental growth of 40G from 36 and 84 ports, up to 132 ports and this is intended for small scale data centers looking to increase fabric capacity as compute demand grows.


The SDN controller, which called the Active Fabric Controller, is software that runs on an x86 server. It’s designed to configure and deploy networking functionality in cloud and XaaS environments, and is targeted at enterprise SDN and service provider NFV OpenStack deployments.

The controller is intended to provide on-demand virtualized network services in OpenStack clouds with workload and policy awareness. It allows for insertion of service appliances including firewall, load balancing and wide area network optimization, common virtualized services in NFV implementations.

Pricing for the Dell Z9500 fabric switch starts at $136,000. It will be available in April. Dell Active Fabric Controller will be available in the second quarter of 2014.

Read the Press Release and an article on Network World.

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