AMD Showcases its Next-Gen x86 APU Running Fedora Linux

amd-opteron-xOn Wednesday, during Red Hat Summit 2014, AMD announced a major milestone in the development of its enterprise software ecosystem with the first public demonstration of its second-generation AMD Opteron™ X-Series APU, codenamed “Berlin”, running a Linux environment based on the Fedora Project.

The demonstration featured advancements incorporated in “Project Sumatra” that enable Java applications to take advantage of graphics processing units (GPUs) within AMD server APUs. The combination of Linux and Java on AMD APU platforms provides an ideal platform for server-based multimedia workloads and general purpose GPU compute that will help drive new levels of workload efficiency in the data center.

Targeted workloads:

  • Hosted DT
  • Cloud gaming
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN)
  • Video preprocessing and transcoding


  • 4 cores running between 1.1-1.9 GHz
  • 128 AMD Radeon Cores, running at 266-600 Mhz
  • Northbridge Frequency 800 MHz
  • Max DDR3 Speed 1600Mhz
  • 2MB of L2 cache
  • TDP between 11 and 22 Watts


Read the Press Realease and Product Page.

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