Amazon launches AWS integration plugin for VMware vCenter

awsAmazon announced on Friday the launch of AWS Connector for vCenter, which lets admins import management tools for Amazon’s cloud directly into an on-premise data center software package.

The AWS Connector for vCenter tech gives VMware administrators a way to buy, manage, and migrate VMs into AWS cloud resources from within VMware’s vCenter management console.

AWS Management Portal for vCenter is available at no additional charge.  Customers will be charged for AWS services consumed using the portal.

Common uses for the new plugin:

  • Self-Service AWS Portal within vCenter – enables enterprises and service providers to offer a self-service portal for deploying and managing AWS resources within vCenter
  • Migrate VMware VMs to Amazon EC2 – using the portal, the software and settings configured in existing VMs can be preserved, while benefiting from running the applications and workloads in Amazon EC2
  • Leverage vCenter Experience While Getting Started with AWS
  • Reach New Geographies from vCenter – start virtual machines in all AWS regions: US, EU, Asia Pacific, and South America

Read the announcement on AWS blog and the product page.

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