WD demonstrates its first SATA Express hard drive

western-digital-logoWD, a Western Digital company, has demonstrated last week during Computex Taipei 2014 its first hard drive with PCI Express (PCIe) support.

The SATA-IO organization spent three years developing the SATA Express specifications, which was announced and introduced in 2013. The goal is to use the bandwidth capabilities of PCIe to enhance the read and write speeds of SATA storage devices.

WD and its technology partners have built a corresponding prototype storage product to allow computer manufacturers to adopt SATA Express into their motherboards running on the Intel 9 series chipsets.

With SATA Express, vendors can use a new type of connector to simultaneously route both PCIe and SATA interface signals, thereby integrating the world’s most popular computer bus with the world’s most popular storage bus. This innovative combination allows users to use a single bus for SSDs, SSHDs, or HDDs. It also allows SATA’s transmission speed to exceed the 550MB/s limit, further advancing toward the second-generation PCIe x2 interface’s 900MB/s, or even the third-generation PCIe x2 interface’s 1,800MB/s.

Western Digital’s new platform is built around a SATA Express core architecture in a dual hard drive environment consisting of a 128GB SSD and 4TB HDD. It also uses a standard AHCI driver, providing compatibility with existing user-end operating systems.

Read more on Digitimes.

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