Microsoft launches Azure tiered storage

In 2012, Microsoft bought cloud-storage vendor StorSimple and until this month there’s been little news about what Microsoft has been doing with StorSimple.

StoreSimple is a cloud-integrated storage (CiS) product that allows users to store heavily used data on-premises/locally and put older and lesser-used data in the cloud. Also, the tight integration with the cloud, allows simpler Disaster Recovery and backup plans.


StoreSimple 8100 and 8600 rackmount boxes are 2U and 4U high respectively and accessed using iSCSI over 10 and 1GbitE. They have inline deduplication, compression and thin provisioning. There are three storage tiers: local SSD, local disk and disks in the Azure cloud using Azure BLOB storage.


StoreSimple 8100 has 12 front-loading bays and 8600 has 24 front-loading bays. Both the disks and the SSDs are hot swap and mirrored. Both of them are built by Seagate and have local storage capacity of 15TB and 40TB respectively that is extended with the Azure tier to 200TB and 500TB.

The management is done by Microsoft Azure StorSimple Manager wich provides centralized management, status reports and alerts for all appliances and data protection operations across the enterprise through a cloud service that is in constant communications with both physical and virtual appliances.

The list price for the new SANs is:


Read more at Microsoft, Seagate and The Register.

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