IBM launches Nvidia GPU-accelerated Power8 servers

IBM-logoIBM announced on Friday its first Power server to include Nvdia Tesla GPUs and the first product to be launched out of the work of the OpenPower Foundation, the consortium formed last year.

Built on the OpenPOWER stack, the Power S824L systems provide clients the ability to run data-intensive tasks on the POWER8 processor while offloading other compute-intensive Big Data workloads to GPU accelerators which are capable of running millions of data computations in parallel and are designed to significantly speed up compute-intensive applications.


To take advantage of GPU acceleration on Power Systems, IBM will be optimizing IBM Big Data enterprise applications, including the IBM DB2 database software. Additionally, IBM is working to optimize Power versions of widely used GPU-accelerated applications for bioinformatics, defense, finance, molecular dynamics, weather modeling – including SOAP3, NAMD, GROMACS, FFTW library, and Quantum Espresso.

Future versions of IBM Power Systems will feature NVIDIA NVLink technology, eliminating the need to transfer data between the CPU and GPUs over the PCI Express interface. This will enable NVIDIA GPUs to access IBM POWER CPU memory at its full bandwidth, improving performance for numerous enterprise applications. Such systems are expected to be available beginning in 2016.

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