Cray launches Urika-XA Extreme Analytics Platform

Cray-logoCray announced on Thursday the launch of Urika-XA Extreme Analytics Platform, a turnkey, scale-out, analytics appliance.

Cray-UrikaXAThe Cray Urika-XA system features up to 48 compute nodes with integrated SSDs in a single 42U rack, including Intel® Xeon® processors, an InfiniBand interconnect, and a Cray Sonexion® storage system. The software stack for the Urika-XA system includes Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Cray Adaptive Runtime for Hadoop and the Urika-XA management system.

The entire system is a pre-integrated, open platform for high-performance big data analytics. The platform enables organizations to gain insight and capture business value rapidly through advanced analytics, using either the pre-configured Hadoop and Spark frameworks or user-installed analytic tools. The Urika-XA platform is engineered for superior performance on the most demanding analytic workloads, possessing a dense compute footprint of over 1,500 processor cores in a single rack, 38 TB of high-speed SSD storage, and InfiniBand interconnect. With its ability to support both low-latency and batch analytics, ease of management, and standards-based design, Urika-XA provides enterprises a multi-use, turnkey analytics environment at a low total cost of ownership.

Read the Press Release and the Product Page.

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