Memblaze launched PCI-E 4.8 GB server flash accelerator card with a 14 µs latency

Memblaze-logoChinese flash product supplier Memblaze has launched a server flash accelerator card with a 14 microsecond latency and up to 4.8TB capacity. The 14 microsecond latency is very close to the one of RAM and makes it suitable for large system, such as open compute project applications.


  • 750,000 random read IOPS
  • 265,000 random write IOPS
  • 3.2GB/sec sequential read bandwidth
  • 2.5GB/sec sequential write bandwidth

There are 50 capacity configurations and the cards can scale to 2.4TB in half-height half-length and 4.8TB in full-height half-length single slot format.


Memblaze states that by using its Device-Based Architecture, the resource consumption on host is significantly reduced compared with Host-Based flash card accelerators, CPU utilization being decreased by 50% and occupancy of memory of only 1 MB.

Read the product page, Device-Based Architecture page and an article at The Register.

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