729 TeraFLOPS cluster on AWS in 60 minutes

cyclecomputing-logoCycle Computing which specializes in technical and high-performance cloud computing, and Western Digital’s HGST unit ran the largest Fortune 500 production workload and went from zero to 50,000 cores in 23 minutes.

The cloud computing run utilized various regions on Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and topped at 70,980 cores. In 60 minutes, the team built a 729 TeraFLOPS cluster, that would be just a little abowe the #71 supercomputer on the November 2014 Top500 list.

HGST’s engineering team was working to identify an optimal advanced drive head design. Essentially, the job involves 1 million simulations for designs based upon 22 different design parameters running on 3 drive media. Running these simulations using an in-house, specially built simulator, the workload takes about 30 days to complete. But using the AWS cloud, it took just 8 hours and $5,593.94.

Read more about at ZDnet and HPCwire.

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