Apache Mesos becoming a commercial Datacenter Operating System through Mesosphere

mesosphere-logoMesosphere, a startup building a “data centre operating system” based on Apache Mesos, has landed $36m in funding in a round led by Khosla Ventures with backing from others including Andreessen Horowitz. The cash brings Mesosphere’s total funding to approximately $50m.

mesos-logoApache Mesos is based on a 2009 idea from UC Berkeley PHD student Benjamin Hindman and that went industrial in 2010, when he was hired to install it at Twitter. Mesosphere has been founded last year to build a commercial version of the Mesos cluster management system.

News of the money came the day Mesosphere released DCOS, its incarnation of its programmable data-centre vision. It’s a set of software and services to co-ordinate resources multiple servers and platforms.

DCOS is a distributed systems kernel using a set of core system services including Marathon, Chronos, DNS and HDFS for set up, discovery and storage.

Platforms supported by DCOS include Red Hat, CentOS and Ubuntu, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCE, VMware and OpenStack and it comes with an API and SDK.

Read more at The Register, Apache Mesos website and Mesosphere.

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