IBM z13 mainframe launched

ibm-logoIBM announced on Tuesday a new high end mainframe – the IBM z13 wich delivers the latest mainframe technology.

The z13 system culminates a $1 billion investment, five years of development, exploits the innovation of more than 500 new patents and represents a collaboration with more than 60 clients.

IBM’s new mainframe provides unprecedented new capabilities, including:IBM-z13

  • z13 is the first system able to process 2.5 billion transactions a day – equivalent of 100 Cyber Mondays every day of the year. z13 transactions are persistent, protected and auditable from end-to-end
  • z13 is the first system to make practical real-time encryption of all mobile transactions at any scale. z13 speeds real-time encryption of mobile transactions to help protect the transaction data and ensure response times consistent with a positive customer experience
  • z13 is the first mainframe system with embedded analytics providing real-time insights on all transactions. This capability can help guarantee the ability of the client to run real-time fraud detection on 100 percent of their business transactions

Impromevents versus its predecessor, zEC12:

  • Up to 10% faster uniprocessor performance
  • Up to 40% system capacity performance improvement
  • 141 cores to configure (versus 101 on zEC12)
  • 231 capacity settings (versus 161 on zEC12)
  • Up to 10 TB RAIM memory to improve transaction response times, lower CPU costs, simplify capacity planning, and ease deploying memory-intensive workloads
    z/Architecture® enhancements designed to enable performance improvements in Linux, Java™, and DB2
  • Enhanced cache design which is designed to provide twice as much second level cache and substantially more third and fourth level caches compared to the zEC12, helping to avoid untimely swaps and memory waits while maximizing the throughput of concurrent workloads
  • The newest generation of FICON features, FICON Express16S 10KM LX and FICON Express16S SX, are designed to support a link rate of 16 Gbps with reduced latency for large read/write operations and increased bandwidth

Read the press release, product page and product datasheet.

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