VMware launches vSphere 6

VMware LogoVMware announced yesterday the new version of its virtualization platform, and the first major release of the flagship product in more than three years.

vSphere 6 is packed with 650-plus new features and innovations that will empower users to virtualize applications with confidence by delivering increased scale and performance, breakthrough availability, storage efficiencies for virtual machines (VMs), and simplified management for the virtual data center.

Scaling and Performance updates:

  • Configuration maximums are increased across the board with many areas experiencing 2X, 3X or even 4X scale improvements


  • Superior 2D and 3D graphics for your VMs with NVIDIA GRID vGPU
  • Instant Clone technology lays the foundation to rapidly clone and provisions VMs up to 10x faster than what is possible today
  • vMotion enhancements that span the boundaries of virtual switches and vCenter Servers and over long distances with up to 100ms round trip time
  • Fault Tolerance for larger virtual machines with support for up to 4-vCPUs

Read the announcement on VMware Blog and the Press Release.

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