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AMD’s first ARM processor scheduled for March

AMD announced on Tuesday that an 8-core ARM System-on-Chip named A1100 would begin sampling in March. The AMD Opteron A-Series processor, codenamed “Seattle”, will sample this quarter along with a development platform that will make software design on the industry’s … Continue reading

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Facebook porting its PHP engine to ARM

A post by Facebook on the Hip Hop Virtual Machine blog on Thursday indicated that the team is implementing ARM processor support in its translation engine. This will turn Facebook’s PHP code into 64-bit x86 instructions to execute on compute … Continue reading

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Midway – New processor family from Calxeda

Calxeda has launched a new CPU family named Midway or ECX-2000. This is the succesor of ECX-1000 and benefits a larger cache, higher clock speed and has also been successfully tested with a broader range of software, such as Ubuntu … Continue reading

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Adapteva starts shipping Parallella boards

Adapteva announced at the end of July the delivery of the first Parallella computers ordered through its highly successful Kickstarter campaign. The Parallella is equipped with Adapteva’s breakthrough 16- and 64-core Epiphany multicore processors. The Epiphany multicore coprocessor is a … Continue reading

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Xen Project 4.3 launched with ARM server support

The Xen Project has updated Xen on 9th of July with a new 4.3 release that brings as a Technology Preview support for ARM processors. Working with ARM server hardware vendors including Calxeda, the Xen Project community has validated the … Continue reading

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Itailian firm E4 Computer launches ARM clusters with GPU options

E4 Computer has partnered with SECO, the Italian firm that makes embedded x86 and ARM boards for various uses, to bring out baby ARM clusters with GPU options. The clusters come in two flavors: Carma Microcluster and Carma Cluster. Carma … Continue reading

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AMD and ARM partnership to Build 64-bit ARM-based Processors

On October 29, 2012, AMD announced it will design 64-bit ARM® technology-based processors in addition to its x86 processors and it’s first ARM-based server CPU is targeted for production in 2014. The new processors are targeted for multiple markets, starting … Continue reading

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Penguin Computing launches Ultimate Data X1 ultradense ARM server

Penguin Computing announced on 17 October the immediate availability of its Ultimate Data X1 (UDX1) system. The UDX1 is the first server platform offered by a North American system vendor that is built on the ARM®-based EnergyCore System on Chip … Continue reading

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ARM launches new high performance cache coherent network

ARM announced a new high-performance cacahe coherent network targeted at energy-efficient ‘many-core’ solutions for the enterprise market. ARM® CoreLink™ CCN-504 cache coherent network can deliver up to one terabit of usable system bandwidth per second and it will enable SoC designers … Continue reading

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