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Oracle launched SPARC M7 – 32 cores and 10 bilion transistors

Oracle announced its Next Generation Processor at the HotChips HC26 conference. The M7 has 32 cores (up from 16-cores in T5 and 12-cores in M6) and is produced with 20 nm technology. It is built using the foundation of the … Continue reading

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Intel preparing to sell hybrid CPUs

Intel announced on Wednesday at GigaOm Structure in San Francisco that it is preparing to sell a Xeon E5-FPGA hybrid chip to some of its largest customers. With this new initative, Intel hopes to that some of the world’s largest … Continue reading

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Opteron X: AMD’s solution for Micro-Servers

AMD launched on Wednesday a new family of low power server processors: the AMD Opteron™ X-Series optimized for scale-out server architectures. The AMD Opteron X-Series processors come in two variants.  The AMD Opteron X2150, which consumes as little as 11 … Continue reading

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AMD introduces hUMA, sharing the memory between CPU and GPU

Although CPUs and GPUs have coexisted on the same piece of silicon (better known as an APU), for a few years now, the CPU and GPU have not been ‘equal citizens’. Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) is an intelligent computing architecture … Continue reading

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AMD and ARM partnership to Build 64-bit ARM-based Processors

On October 29, 2012, AMD announced it will design 64-bit ARM® technology-based processors in addition to its x86 processors and it’s first ARM-based server CPU is targeted for production in 2014. The new processors are targeted for multiple markets, starting … Continue reading

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Atom vs Xeon in search engine performance

Researchers at Harvard and Microsoft have authored a paper that seeks to prove that a small, power-efficient core like the Intel Atom chip can be better suited for search. The paper compares the performance, reliability, and cost of ownership of … Continue reading

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