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729 TeraFLOPS cluster on AWS in 60 minutes

Cycle Computing which specializes in technical and high-performance cloud computing, and Western Digital’s HGST unit ran the largest Fortune 500 production workload and went from zero to 50,000 cores in 23 minutes. The cloud computing run utilized various regions on … Continue reading

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HGST announces 10TB helium drive

HGST announced on Tuesday a list  of innovations that will enrich the company’s portfolio of storage devices. The company announced a list of high capacity HDD models: 8TB Ultrastar He8, the company’s second-generation helium-filled HDD Ultrastar 7K6000 is HGST’s seventh … Continue reading

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HGST ships 6TB helium-filled drive

HGST, a Western Digital company, announced today that it is shipping the 6TB Ultrastar He6 hard disk drive. Key OEM, cloud and research leaders working closely with HGST to qualify the drive include HP, Netflix, Huawei Unified Storage, CERN, Green … Continue reading

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