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IBM shows PowerPC microserver for Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope

IBM has revealed more about a PowerPC microserver that will help to analyze data gathered by the square kilometre array (SKA), the colossal radio telescope to be built across South Africa and Australia. Once operational, the SKA is expected to … Continue reading

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IBM z13 mainframe launched

IBM announced on Tuesday a new high end mainframe – the IBM z13 wich delivers the latest mainframe technology. The z13 system culminates a $1 billion investment, five years of development, exploits the innovation of more than 500 new patents … Continue reading

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IBM launches Nvidia GPU-accelerated Power8 servers

IBM announced on Friday its first Power server to include Nvdia Tesla GPUs and the first product to be launched out of the work of the OpenPower Foundation, the consortium formed last year. Built on the OpenPOWER stack, the Power … Continue reading

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IBM SyNAPSE: a chip simulating brain functions

IBM unveiled yesterday the first neurosynaptic computer chip to achieve an unprecedented scale of one million programmable neurons, 256 million programmable synapses and 46 billion synaptic operations per second per watt. At 5.4 billion transistors, this fully functional and production-scale … Continue reading

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IBM launches the new POWER8 processors

IBM launched last week the new POWER8 processors line and a five Power Systems servers built on the new CPU. The new Power8 CPUs are built using 4 billion transistors, packed into a large 650-square-millimeter die built on IBM’s new … Continue reading

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IBM’s new X6 Architecture

IBM introduced this week the sixth generation of its enterprise X-Architecture for System x and PureSystems servers, optimized for analytics and cloud. One of the innovations brought by the X6 architecture is the integrated eXFlash memory-channel storage, wich combines flash … Continue reading

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IBM’s Platform Symphony Grids gives direct access to Xeon Phi Coprocessors

The IBM® Platform Symphony™ Co-Processor Harvesting add-on technology allows now to include the Intel Xeon™ Phi co-processor as a resource in the Platform Symphony cluster application logic. This gives more cost-effective access to CPU compute power for certain types of … Continue reading

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