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ARM launches new high performance cache coherent network

ARM announced a new high-performance cacahe coherent network targeted at energy-efficient ‘many-core’ solutions for the enterprise market. ARM® CoreLink™ CCN-504 cache coherent network can deliver up to one terabit of usable system bandwidth per second and it will enable SoC designers … Continue reading

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New Intel massive parallel chip

Intel Labs has created an experimental “Single-chip Cloud Computer,” (SCC) a research microprocessor containing the most Intel Architecture cores ever integrated on a silicon CPU chip – 48 cores. It incorporates technologies intended to scale multi-core processors to 100 cores and beyond, such as an on-chip network, advanced power management technologies and support for “message-passing.” Continue reading

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Tilera and Quanta Unveil 512 core 2U server

Tilera Corporation and Quanta Computer Inc. today unveiled the world’s most power efficient and highest compute density server, codenamed S2Q. The S2Q server, targeted specifically to tackle today’s cloud computing workloads, was designed in collaboration with cloud datacenter providers, end … Continue reading

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