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Penguin Computing launches Ultimate Data X1 ultradense ARM server

Penguin Computing announced on 17 October the immediate availability of its Ultimate Data X1 (UDX1) system. The UDX1 is the first server platform offered by a North American system vendor that is built on the ARM®-based EnergyCore System on Chip … Continue reading

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Nvidia launches VGX Boards for cloud and virtualized environments

Nvidia has announced its dual-GPU VGX K2 GPU to power the rendering of virtual desktops in the cloud. Nvidia’s Kepler architecture has been put to use in the GPGPU market for many months now and the firm is preparing the … Continue reading

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ARM launches new high performance cache coherent network

ARM announced a new high-performance cacahe coherent network targeted at energy-efficient ‘many-core’ solutions for the enterprise market. ARM® CoreLink™ CCN-504 cache coherent network can deliver up to one terabit of usable system bandwidth per second and it will enable SoC designers … Continue reading

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IBM has announced the first LTO6 tape drive

IBM has announced the first LTO6 tape drive, wich is is the latest LTO Ultrium tape format. It offeres 6.25TB of compressed storage space, 2.5TB raw, and data transfers at 400MB/sec compressed, 160MB/sec raw. The current LTO-5 generation offers 1.5TB raw … Continue reading

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