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Huawei Achieves 1 Terabits Per Second over 1040km

Huawei, in partnership with belgian company Proximus, have achieved speeds of up to one terabits per second over super-channel optical cable, the equivalent of sending 33 HD movies in just a second. Proximus/Huawei’s transmission speed was conducted over a 1,040km … Continue reading

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Dell launches 100Gbps capable switch

Dell introduced on Thursday the Dell Networking Z9100-ON switch based on the “Tomahawk” network ASICs from Broadcom wich is offering 32 ports of 100GbE in just 1RU with multi-rate capabilities. The Z9100-ON provides 32 ports of 100GbE, 64 ports of … Continue reading

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Broadcom Introduces StrataDNX™ Switch SoCs for Carrier and Data Center Networks

The Broadcom® StrataDNX products are the world’s first to provide 800 Gbps packet processing per device at a high interface bandwidth while integrating a scalable multi-terabit switch fabric, hierarchical traffic manager, external packet buffer memory and advanced packet processing. This … Continue reading

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Cisco’s 8 Tbps router goes live at Telstra

Telstra last week blogged that its 1 Tbps-per-card-capable NCS6008 has gone live on the Telstra Internet Direct network, which serves ‘net bits to enterprise, government and wholesale customers. The new super router is currently managing traffic on the busy Melbourne … Continue reading

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Dell announces Z9500 fabric switch and SDN controller

Dell announced this week the Z9500 Ethernet fabric switch wich is a Layer 2/3 switch designed to address 10G/40G aggregation in data centers and enterprise LAN cores. It is based on Broadcom’s Trident II chipset, takes up 3 RUs, and … Continue reading

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A3CUBE announces in-memory networking products

A3CUBE Inc., announced on last monday a groundbreaking ‘brain inspired’ data plane encapsulated in a Network Interface Card (NIC) designed to bridge supercomputing benefits to the enterprise by dramatically transforming storage networking to eliminate the I/O performance gap between CPU … Continue reading

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Pluribus Networks lauches server-switch product line

Pluribus Networks announced this week the availability of its network hypervisor software, Netvisor® 2.0, and the Pluribus Freedom Server-Switch product line. The Pluribus Freedom architecture presents a combination of compute, network, storage and bare-metal hypervisor OS technologies, and has been … Continue reading

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The challenges on Interplanetary Internet

In an interview given to Wired Magazine Vint Cerf, Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist, describes the challenges of creating an interplanetary network required to communicate with future missions to Mars. Along with Bob Kahn, he was responsible for developing the internet … Continue reading

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Melanox advanced connectivity cards for Dell blades

40Gb/s InfiniBand and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity On a Single Adapter Card Provides IT Administrators with Critical Bandwidth, Ease-of-Use and Flexibility. Melanox announced last week that its ConnectX®-2 I/O mezzanine adapter card with Virtual Protocol Interconnect® (VPI) technology and PhyX® … Continue reading

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Intel demos 50 Gbps optical link

Intel has announced the development of an integrated, end-to-end, silicon-based optical system that can sustain a speed of 50Gbps. A transmitter chip uses four hybrid silicon lasers running at 12.5Gbps each and operating at different wavelengths, modulates them into data-carrying … Continue reading

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