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New Amazon I2 Instance Type Available

The I2 instance type was designed to host I/O intensive workloads typically generated by relational databases, NoSQL databases, and transactional systems. The largest I2 instance type can deliver over 365K random reads per second and over 315K random writes per … Continue reading

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Fusion-io launches ioScale solution for hyperscale and cloud applications

On 16th of January Fusion-io announced a new line of PCIe flash products targeted at hyperscale and cloud applications, scaling with 100s and 1000s of servers. The ioScale comes in capacities from 410GB, doubling through 825GB, 1.65TB on to 3.2TB … Continue reading

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Marvell launched DragonFly NVDRIVE PCIe SSD caching solution

On 3rd of january Marvel announced NVDRIVE, the third member of the DragonFly family of products wich already includes NVCACHE and NVRAM. The DragonFly products are targeted for large-scale Internet and cloud computing data centers supporting a large number of … Continue reading

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zBox4 HPC cluster 24 hours build

The zBox4 is the latest upgrade to the zBox supercomputer, located in the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. The zBox features a custom rack design that houses 3072 2.2GHz Intel Xeon cores and over 12TB … Continue reading

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160,000 IOPs and 525MB/s Enterprise Flash Disks launched by Pliant Technologies

Pliant Technologies announced yesterday in a press release the availability of their new Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD) family that includes the Lightning LB and Lightning LS models. They are designed around the standard 2.5-inch (LB) and 3.5-inch (LS) form factors … Continue reading

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