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Atlantis Computing Releases First In-Memory Software-Defined Storage Solution

 Atlantis Computing announced yesterday its next-generation Atlantis ILIO USX™ (Unified Software-defined Storage) solution purpose-built for virtualized server workloads such as databases, mail, collaboration, big data and any line of business application. Atlantis ILIO USX gives IT organizations the ability to … Continue reading

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Pluribus Networks lauches server-switch product line

Pluribus Networks announced this week the availability of its network hypervisor software, Netvisor® 2.0, and the Pluribus Freedom Server-Switch product line. The Pluribus Freedom architecture presents a combination of compute, network, storage and bare-metal hypervisor OS technologies, and has been … Continue reading

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Xen Project 4.3 launched with ARM server support

The Xen Project has updated Xen on 9th of July with a new 4.3 release that brings as a Technology Preview support for ARM processors. Working with ARM server hardware vendors including Calxeda, the Xen Project community has validated the … Continue reading

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VMware launched its public cloud service

On Tuesday, VMware unveiled its vCloud Hybrid Service, which is a “public cloud” service that lets customers rent servers and storage over the Internet. The service is aimed at companies that already have an infrastructure based on VMware’s hypervisor and … Continue reading

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Marvell launched DragonFly NVDRIVE PCIe SSD caching solution

On 3rd of january Marvel announced NVDRIVE, the third member of the DragonFly family of products wich already includes NVCACHE and NVRAM. The DragonFly products are targeted for large-scale Internet and cloud computing data centers supporting a large number of … Continue reading

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Nvidia launches VGX Boards for cloud and virtualized environments

Nvidia has announced its dual-GPU VGX K2 GPU to power the rendering of virtual desktops in the cloud. Nvidia’s Kepler architecture has been put to use in the GPGPU market for many months now and the firm is preparing the … Continue reading

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Dell adds GPU capable blades

More than a week ago, Dell anounced two new blades for increased performance and scalability. The new Dell PowerEdge M610x is a full height blade server that adds two full height  PCI-E gen 2 16x slots to the old M610 (wich … Continue reading

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